Steak & Potatoes - Old Omaha

Steak & Potatoes

A food salute to Omaha in the Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was butter and bacon. Extravagance and decoration reigned in homes, food, and drinks.

This recipe for Omaha Steak & Potato exemplifies this era and is a nod to Omaha’s stockyards.  The stockyards grew to be among the largest in the country thanks to Alexander Hamilton Swan, a cattle baron, who beguiled Omaha’s leaders to go all in on bovines in the 1880s.

Steak & Potatoes

  • Your favorite steak: seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic and cooked medium or medium rare
  • Baby New Potatoes: halved, tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper and roasted 20-30 minutes at 450° F until tender
  • Horseradish Cream: sour cream mixed with horseradish to your taste
  • Chives and Parsley: chopped

Rest your steak for at least 5 minutes after cooking, then slice thinly.

Drizzle horseradish cream onto potato halves, top with sliced steak, drizzle again with horseradish cream and garnish with herbs.  Devour.

Recipe courtesy of the amazing Laura Doocy.  Photo by Avi Weisbach.

By Erin Fox

Erin once dreamed of being a champion barrel racer and FBI agent, but a series of unfortunate events, poor eyesight, and an astounding lack of coordination precluded that path. Luckily for her, she loves real estate even more, and, apart from opening doors, navigating stairs, climbing into attics and on roofs, and catching escaping cats, it requires hardly any physical coordination.


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