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Like the rest of us, many homes are their own unique cocktail of several styles.

Find a style you love and let us find you the home.

Romantic Era


We all love old homes, but this period refers to America’s love affair with diversifying house styles. Moving past the Colonial period, Americans were looking toward Greece, Italy, and other cultures for inspiration in house design.

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Victorian Era


Following the Industrial Revolution was an explosion (sometimes literally) of mass production of, well, everything, including house components. Things like windows, doors, roofing, etc., could be had at a lower cost. Couple that with changes to building techniques and you were able to build an elaborate and decorated home for less money. Boom, Victorian. As a group, these homes are highly-decorative and colorful, with highly-pitched roofs. There are six Victorian sub-styles, detailed below.

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Eclectic Era


Houses of this era draw on traditional architecture for inspiration. With Eclectic Era homes, the goal was to remain pure to the style in which the architect was designing, which is a departure from the Victorian Era tendency to mix styles.

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Modern Era

1935 - 1978

After World War II, home building resumed with an eye toward the future rather than the painful past. A new group of home styles emerged. Among these styles are split-level and ranch homes which are extremely common even in today’s new construction.

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