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(Note that the year built is often an inaccurate estimate, but you can look up the development name (eg Marietta Place, Creighton 1st Addition) and/or BLK/LOT numbers in the newspaper archive.)

NEWSPAPERS – [Resource Center] – [Newspapers, Magazines & Journals] – [Historic Omaha World Herald Archives] – [Search] – enter Library Card Number – [Log in] – select publication(s) – Omaha Herald, Omaha Daily World, and Omaha World-Herald back to 1878  (When searching for an address, numbered streets were usually spelled out, and directions and suffixes varied a lot. Suggestions: “4321 poppleton” all in quotes, or 1234 “thirty-fourth” with just the street name in quotes. Also, street names have changed over the years. Eg, numbered street used to have names.) – [Advanced Search] – choose Omaha Bee from list (1872-1916) (a few other local newspapers) (list of local newspapers and years)

MAPS (old Omaha street and paving maps) (county atlases/plats)… (1937 Douglas County Plat Book)

PHOTOS/POSTCARDS (165,000 searchable photos – only about 1/6 of their collection is online. Call them if looking for something specific.) – search for Omaha or any other topic – search for Omaha or any other topic

GENEALOGY/PEOPLE – [Resource Center] – [Genealogy] – [MyHeritage] or [Family Search] ([Ancestry] can be used only at the library) (a few territorial census lists) (complete 1940 census records) (1890 Who’s Who of Omaha) (very detailed information about Omaha cemeteries, especially Prospect Hill)

History of the City of Omaha, Nebraska (1894) –
Anecdotes of Omaha (1891) –
The Story of Omaha (1923) –
History of Omaha (1889) –
Omaha: The Gate City, Vol. 1 (1917) –
Omaha: The Gate City, Vol. 1 (1917) –
Omaha Illustrated (1888) –
Early History of Omaha (1876) –
History of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898 (1910) –
Official Guide Book to Omaha and the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition (1898, Published by Megeath Stationery Co.) –

OTHER (Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition) (books, photos, maps, people, etc)
“An Inventory of Historic Omaha Buildings” (at main library – details about many houses and buildings)
“The Streets of Omaha -Their Origins and Changes” (at main library – historic street names)
Omaha City Directories (in reference section at main library)