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The businesses we refer

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Finding contractors is hard, and those that know how to work on old homes can be even harder.

Old Omaha Vintage Real Estate Team has compiled and maintains this list of good, reputable people that we can recommend to you.

Many of these contractors are old home-specific. Please patronize these businesses and don’t forget to let us know about your experience.  Oh! and don’t forget to let them know that you were referred by Old Omaha.

If you have a reliable business that you trust with your own home, please let us know if they should be considered for this list.


Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture

Phone: 402-341-1544
Email: info@alleypoyner.com
Website: https://www.alleypoyner.com/


Phone: 402-551-3400
Email: office@aoomaha.co
Website: http://aoomaha.co/

BVH Architects

Phone: 402-345-3060
Email: info@bvh.com
Website: https://bvh.com/

Calvin L. Hinz Architects P.C.

Phone: 402-291-6941
Email: chinz@clharchitects.com
Website: http://www.clharchitects.com/

Cramer Kreski Designs

Phone: 402-333-8334
Email: office@cramerkreskidesigns.com
Website: https://www.cramerkreskidesigns.com/

Frasier-Martis Architects

Phone: 402-397-7331
Email: info@fmarchitects.com
Website: http://www.fmarchitects.com/

Gerber Architecture PC

Phone: 402-679-5857
Email: gerber.arch@cox.net

J. Robert Perrin, AIA architect

Phone: 402-341-0232
Email: perrinarchitect@gmail.com

Architectural Salvage

A & R Salvage

"I get lost in this place every time - there is so much to look at and I can always find what I'm looking for whether it's a doorknob or light fixture." Rhonda

Phone: 402-346-4470
Email: sales@arsalvage.com
Website: http://arsalvage.com/

B & M Antiques and Architectural Salvage

Phone: 402-380-2977 (Jim), 402-992-4123 (Brad)
Email: boggle22_22@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bm.antiquesandarchitecturalsalvage/

Black Market Furniture, Hardware + Lighting

Phone: 402-346-4470
Email: blackmarketfurniture@gmail.com
Website: http://www.blackmarketomaha.com/

Conner's Architectural Antiques

Phone: 402-435-3338
Email: connersaa@aol.com
Website: http://www.connersaa.com/

Gavin Historical Bricks

Phone: 319-354-5251
Email: info@historicalbricks.com
Website: https://www.historicalbricks.com/

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

"This is a great place to donate as well if you have a door, paint, etc. that you're not sure what to do with." Rhonda

Phone: 402-934-1033
Email: habitatrestore@habitatomaha.org
Website: https://omahahabitatrestore.org/

Koley's Inc.

Phone: 402-341-9795
Email: sales@koleys.com

Asbestos Testing/Abatement

ABC Abatement

"They clean up everything from asbestos to mold for all types and sizes."

Phone: 402-333-0763
Website: https://www.abcabatement.com/

Jamco Abatement

"Jamco does quality work and does a great job of cleanup after they're done."

Phone: 402-578-4804
Website: http://www.jamcoabatement.com/

McGill Asbestos Company

Phone: 402-731-7171
Website: https://www.mcgillasbestos.com/

Banking / Mortgage Lenders / Refinancing

Alana Hallaert / Dundee Bank

"Alana is incredible to work with, she will work tirelessly to help each and every one of her clients to ensure they get the best possible experience and outcome for whatever their needs. I can't say enough great things about her and recommend her to everyone!" Rhonda

Phone: 402-618-6454
Email: ahallaert@dundeebanking.com
Website: https://www.dundeebanking.com/

Misty Hemphill / Charter West Bank

"Misty is a delight to work with. She truly cares about her clients and is very responsive." Rhonda

Phone: 402-916-4379
Email: mwilson@charterwest.com
Website: https://www.charterwest.com/profile/misty-wilson/

Bryan Dexter / Regent Financial Group

"Very smooth transactions with Bryan - would definitely recommend him!" Tim

Phone: 316-749-2045
Email: bryan@regentfinancial.com

Chimney Sweep / Repair

Alpine Chimney Sweep

Phone: 402-334-2675
Website: http://www.alpinechimney.com/

Midtown Chimney Sweeps

"Midtown does quality work, we've used them for years and wouldn't dream of using anyone else!"

Phone: 844-793-3766
Email: grant.rothweiler@midtownsweeps.com
Website: https://www.midtownsweeps.com/

Concrete / Masonry

Antique Brick Warehouse

Phone: 402-556-7599
Email: david@antiquebrickwarehouse.com
Website: https://www.antiquebrickwarehouse.com/

Ed's Construction

"Not only do they do great quality concrete at reasonable prices, they made an exact copy of my 100+ year old front steps (just without the cracks and missing chunks)."

Phone: 402-707-0473
Website: https://www.edsconstructionllc.com/

Gavin Historical Bricks

Phone: 319-354-5251
Email: info@historicalbricks.com
Website: https://www.historicalbricks.com/

Golden Creations Concrete

"This crew is incredible. I recently used them for a parking pad, and I could not have been happier. They were on time, quiet, worked fast and cleaned up after themselves. And their prices were fantastic. I highly recommend this company for any of your concrete needs." Tim Reeder

Phone: Call Rose at 531-777-3339

JG Masonry, LLC

Phone: 402-595-0809
Email: joe@jgmasonryllc.com
Website: http://jgmasonryllc.com/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

Lifetime Stone Restoration

Phone: 402-916-1700
Email: lifetimestone@cox.net
Website: https://www.lifetimestone.com/

Masonry Restoration and Concrete Lifting

Phone: 402-968-4838
Email: greg@masonryconcreterestoration.com
Website: www.http://www.masonryconcreterestoration.com/

McGill Restoration

Phone: 402-558-7989
Website: https://mcgillrestoration.com/

Olk Masonry

Phone: 402-578-8023
Email: tolkmasonry@gmail.com

Owens Restoration

Phone: 402-999-3915


Countertops 101

Phone: 402-671-4164
Website: http://101countertops.com/

GMS Werks

Phone: 402-451-3400

Granite & Cabinet Nation

Jong will take great care of you!

Phone: 402.991.2221

A1 Kitchen & Bath

Phone: 402-339-4883

Duct Cleaning

Duct Medic

Phone: 402-829-3828
Website: https://ductmedic.com/

Midtown Chimney Sweeps

"Midtown does quality work, we've used them for years and wouldn't dream of using anyone else!"

Phone: 844-793-3766
Email: grant.rothweiler@midtownsweeps.com
Website: https://www.midtownsweeps.com/


Crown Electric / Tim King

"I've been using Tim King for a long time. Very reliable and good prices. Tim is great!" Tim Reeder

Phone: 402-650-3684
Website: http://www.crownenterprisesomaha.com/

Electric Express

"It took a strong recommendation from another Realtor to get me to call a West Omaha electrician. Only a midtown electrician could truly understand knob-and-tube I thought, but I’m very glad I became more open-minded. Electric Express responded quickly, honored my desire to disturb the least amount of plaster possible and the invoice was very reasonable. Calling a West O vendor was hard, recommending one is far easier thanks to Electric Express’ ability to wire a screening room and a 2nd floor laundry into a hundred+ year old home." Annika

Phone: 402-397-7377
Website: https://402express.com/

Evans Electric

"Joe and his team are reliable, efficient and friendly. I would call them for my own home if I needed an electrician!" Rhonda

Phone: 402-208-3015

Hoffman Electric

Phone: 402-734-1196
Email: info@hoffman-electric.com
Website: http://hoffman-electric.com/

Jake Electric

"Jake is wonderful - he provides an honest and professional service." Rhonda

Phone: 402-616-5845
Email: jake@jakeelectric.com
Website: http://jakeelectric.com

Dennis Tortorilla

Phone: 402-677-6548
Email: dennis_electric@cox.net

Estate Sales

Hidden Treasures

Phone: 402-455-3323
Website: http://hiddentreasuresomaha.com

Next Gen Estate Sales

Phone: 402-415-1132
Website: https://www.nextgenestatesale.com/

Exterior Restoration

Adams Architectural Millwork Co

Phone: 888-285-8120
Email: info@adamsarch.com
Website: https://adamsarch.com/

Carp's Complete Exteriors

Phone: 402-651-1493

Flooring / Carpet / Tilework

Brown's Carpet Cleaning

“He has done work for my clients. Great guy. Fairly priced. Great work. He also does cleaning of tiles and sanding of wood floors.”

Phone: 402-208-3337

DFC Flooring - Cody Mahoney

Carpet stretching

Phone: (402) 614-3100

Mark David Floors

Phone: 402-558-6734
Email: info@markdavidfloors.com
Website: http://www.markdavidfloors.com/

Don Denhardt - carpet installer

"I've used Don for many years, he is great and never let me down. " Tim

Phone: 402-677-5868

Tom Hamilton

“Tom is incredible to work with. He has an account with CarpetLand so can get you best pricing. His work is amazing, he is prompt & communicates well. He did my own house and many clients’ homes as well.” Tim

Phone: 402-659-3105

Lifetime Stone Restoration

Phone: 402-916-1700
Email: lifetimestone@cox.net
Website: http://www.lifetimestone.com

Tom Manley Flooring

Phone: 402-885-8886

Shipley Flooring

“If it’s for SW Iowa, call Shipley Flooring in Nebraska City. They do great work.”

Phone: 402-873-4143
Website: https://shawfloors.com/

RBC Tile & Stone

Phone: 402-331-0665
Email: omsr@rbctile.com

Sunderland Brothers Company

Phone: 402-339-2220
Website: https://www.sunderlands.com/

Universal Flooring and Restoration

Phone: 402-333-4495
Email: contact@universalflooring.net
Website: https://www.universalflooring.net/

Rockbrook Floors

"Locally owned by old-home lovers. Great company, great people! Call for flooring, remodeling, and countertop needs." - Annika Phillips

Phone: 402-333-2711
Email: sales@rockbrookfloors.com
Website: https://www.rockbrookfloors.com/

Foundation Work

Jerry's Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Phone: 866-794-1104
Website: https://www.jerryswaterproofing.com/

Thrasher, Inc.

Phone: 800-827-0702
Email: customersupport@gothrasher.com
Website: https://www.gothrasher.com/


Phone: 877-855-2944
Website: https://trusttillotson.com/

Handy People / General Contractors / Woodworkers

Tom Decon - General Handyman

Phone: 402-679-0621

FJC Builders - Residential Remodeling

Phone: 402-515-0902
Email: fjc_builders@yahoo.com

Holly's Home Improvement and Handyman Service

Phone: 402-812-4842
Email: hollys_home@cox.net

T Hurt Construction - Residential Remodeling & Custom Homes

Phone: 402-510-9585
Website: https://thurtconstruction.net/

Integrity Architectural Millwork, Inc. - Custom Woodworking

Phone: 402-451-4110
Website: https://www.iamillwork.biz/

SL Jensen Construction - Custom Homes & Remodeling

Phone: 402-509-9104
Email: info@sljensenconstruction.com
Website: https://sljensen.com/

Lund-Ross Constructors - General Builder

Phone: 402-342-2810
Email: larryl@lundross.com
Website: https://www.lundross.com/

Olde Wood Mill Inc. - Woodworkers

Phone: 402-289-4831
Email: oldewoodmill@yahoo.com

Oldenhuis Contracting Inc.

Phone: 402-573-8125
Email: info@oldenhuiscontracting.com
Website: http://www.oldenhuiscontracting.com/

Chris Reyes - General Handyman

"Chris is my go-to guy, I use him for everything!"

Phone: 515-451-7720

Don Swanson - General Handyman

Phone: 402-979-4853

Victor Ramos - General Handyman

Phone: 402-618-5564


Dave Lacey

Phone: 402-881-6783

Historical Research / Preservation

David Edwards Paper and Postcards

Phone: 402-981-2646
Email: Paperetc@aol.com

Douglas County Historical Society

Phone: 402-455-9990
Email: director@douglascohistory.org
Website: http://www.douglascohistory.org/

The Durham Museum

Phone: 402-444-5071
Email: info@durhammuseum.org
Website: https://durhammuseum.org/

Inman Historic Interiors

Phone: 712-625-2403
Email: tim@historicinteriors.com
Website: http://historicinteriors.com/

National Historic Landmarks Program Midwest Office

Phone: 402-661-1910
Website: https://www.nps.gov/orgs/1582/index.htm

Omaha Public Library

Phone: 402-444-4800
Email: research@omahalibrary.org
Website: https://omahalibrary.org/

Restoration Exchange Omaha

Phone: 402-933-3104
Email: contact@restorationexchange.org
Website: http://www.restorationexchange.org

Home Cleaners

Marianne & Marie Wendollin's Cleaning Service

Phone: 402.208.8056

Melinda's Personal Touch

Phone: 402.850.1060

Jamie Vermeer

Phone: 402.709.9205

Home Inspectors

Cornerstone Home Inspection

Phone: 402.677.2423
Website: http://www.cornerstoneinspects.com/

Gaskin Property Inspections

Phone: 402.620.4781
Email: paul@gaskinpropertyinspections.com
Website: https://www.gaskinpropertyinspections.com/

Home Standards

Phone: 402.392.2020
Website: https://homestandardsinspections.com/

Hunter Home Inspections

Phone: 402-881-0017
Email: hunterhomeinspection@outlook.com
Website: https://www.hunterhomeinspection.com/

HVAC / Boilers

Blankman Services

"It would be hard for me not to use Joe Blankman for my HVAC needs even if he wasn’t amazing at heating and cooling. He grew up in midtown, his business is just down the street from me, AND he grew up playing in my house with the previous owners’ kids. Luckily Joe is a wizard at HVAC for old homes. Although I always felt Blankman’s pricing was reasonable, when needing a new system I felt I needed to get more than one bid. The other company looked at the condenser outside the house and gave me a cost, he even never asked to go inside. Although Joe’s been in my home many times he visited again to take a fresh look before finalizing a plan and price for a new system. He asked what I like and don’t like about the existing HVAC and what was important to me. He cared about finding the right solution because he knows he’ll be the one maintaining it for many years into the future. His price was still more reasonable than the other vendor. I recommended Blankman to a client who called me later to thank me. “He was a thousand dollars less than the other guy, I hired him on the spot!” That’s part of why I recommend Joe to clients, he makes me look like a hero to those who get to know him."

Phone: 402.306.7154

B.G. Peterson Company

Phone: 402-344-4311
Email: deb@bgpeterson.com
Website: https://bgpeterson.com/

Eyman Plumbing Heating and Air

Phone: 4027312727
Email: service@trusteyman.com
Website: https://trusteyman.com/

Ray Martin Company

Phone: 402-553-7300
Email: info@raymartinco.com
Website: https://raymartinco.com/



Phone: 877.855.2944
Website: https://trusttillotson.com/

Insurance Companies / Agents

Wes Mock Insurance Agency

Phone: 402-884-1488
Website: https://www.westonmockagency.com/

Maury, Donnelly & Parr, Inc. | Nico Patterson, Insurance Broker

"I found Nico through the National Trust for Historic Preservation. He is a specialist in historic homes (perhaps the only one in the country) and after seeing his thorough quote, I switched my insurance. I thought that properly insuring my 120-year-old home would be cost prohibitive, but in fact, I’m paying 24% more for 65% more coverage." - Annika Phillips, Old Home Expert

Phone: 410.547.3165, ext. 165
Email: nico-patterson@mdpins.com
Website: https://www.mdpins.com/

Interior Design

Design With You In Mind, LLC

Phone: 402-672-8903
Email: designwyim@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/DSGND4U

Midwest Iron Doors

Phone: 402-932-9571
Email: info@midwestirondoors.com
Website: http://midwestirondoors.com/

RDG Planning and Design

Phone: 402-392-0133
Email: omaha@rdgusa.com
Website: https://rdgusa.com/

Stained Glass Craftsman

Phone: 605-789-1861
Email: stainedglasscraftsman@gmail.com

Suzan Karrer Rohrig, AIA

Phone: 402-758-6686
Email: skrohrig@skr-aia.com
Website: http://skr-aia.com/

Tangerine Designs

Phone: 402-614-8022
Email: tiffany@tangerinedesigns.net

OmaRail - Railing & Fencing

OmaRail is TOP NOTCH!! Tim

Phone: 402-216-9911
Website: https://omarail.com/

Lawn Care / Landscaping / Trees

Indian Creek Nursery

The Indian Creek Nursery has partnered with the Old Omaha team to help Re-Tree Midtown. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication and preservation to the neighborhoods that we live in and love.

Phone: 402.558.5900
Website: https://www.indiancreeknursery.com/

Chanta Kes - Mowing and Lawn Care

Tim has been using him for his own homes and rentals since 2010. Excellent at what he does and reliable.

Phone: 402-679-3857

Tree Services of Omaha - Tree Trimming and Removal

"They always do an amazing job at a reasonable price, their staff is friendly and professional."

Phone: 402.650.4773

Rachel Stecker - Dreamlawn Omaha

Dreamlawn Omaha is your organic alternative to maintaining a healthy yard. We specialize in eco-friendly lawn care with a focus on biology to increase soil health. Our plans our remarkably affordable and we do all the work. Contact us and you will have a dedicated Lawn Coach out to your home to offer a free lawn evaluation and estimate!

Phone: 402.699.8025
Email: rachel.stecker@dreamlawnomaha.com
Website: https://DreamLawnOmaha.com/

Sun Valley Landscaping

Phone: 402-932-5704
Email: info@sunvalleyomaha.com
Website: https://sunvalleyomaha.com/

Heroes Lawn & Landscape

"I've used Heroes for sprinkler repair and maintenance for my clients, they are quick, efficient and very reasonable on price. I'd recommend them to anyone!" Rhonda

Phone: 402.378.9317
Website: https://heroeslawnandlandscape.com/

Pena's Tree Service

Reasonable, fast, leaves a perfectly clean site.

Phone: 402.905.6829

Mold Inspection / Removal

A1 Mold

"A1 Mold is awesome and NOT an alarmist."

Phone: 402.560.6444

Advanta Clean

Phone: 402.216.1099
Website: https://www.advantaclean.com/

Four Corners Restoration

"I had a client recently use 4 Corners Restoration for Mold Remediation. Travis Unzinker is the owner and he was very helpful and easy to work with. We had a few estimates and they were considerably lower than the others."

Phone: 402.916.0017

Painters / Wallpaper

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers

Phone: 707.746.1900
Email: info@bradbury.com
Website: https://www.bradbury.com/

Pam Burright Painting

Phone: 402.201.7565

Lawrence Paint Company

Phone: 402.813.0827
Email: lawrencepaintco@gmail.com

Midwest Restoration Specialists

Phone: 712.322.2839
Email: tom.akers@midwestrestorationspec.com

Traco, Inc

Phone: 402.345.7213
Email: tracoincomaha@gmail.com
Website: http://www.tracoinc.com/

Pest Control

Bug-Z Termite & Pest Control

"I've used Bug-Z for years for all of my bug needs! They are very responsive, thorough and easy to work with"

Phone: 402.991.4005
Website: http://bugzpest.net/

Scott's Pest Control

Phone: 402.650.8460
Website: http://scottspestcontrolomaha.com/

Plaster / Drywall Repair

Dick Grace of Grace Plastering

Phone: 402-896-4638


Eyman Plumbing Heating and Air

Phone: 4027312727
Email: service@trusteyman.com
Website: https://trusteyman.com/

In-Law Plumbing

Phone: 402.709.7059
Website: https://www.inlawplumbing.com/

Red D Plumbing

Phone: 402.718.8563
Website: http://www.omahaplumbingcompany.com/

Radon Testing / Mitigation

Chris Catton

Phone: 402.598.0085
Email: radonsysteminstaller@gmail.com
Website: http://radonsysteminstallers.com/

Jason Comer

“Reasonable and does nice work.”

Phone: 402.493.7400

Professional House Doctors

Phone: 402.493.2580
Website: http://www.myradoncompany.com/

Real Estate Attorney

Graham C. Jura, ESQ.

"Graham is licensed in both Iowa and Nebraska and is a pleasure to work with. He currently is the Deputy City attorney in Council Bluffs, but writes real estate transfers as part of his side practice (along with other general practice things). If you need things like deeds, declaration of value, groundwater, etc., don't hesitate to send him an email. He is very timely in his turnaround and typically is able to provide you what you need within 24 hours."sometimes maybe 24 hours."

Phone: 402-216-6026
Email: gjuralaw@gmail.com

Dan Rock

Phone: 402.390.0390
Email: drock@ellickjones.com
Website: https://ellickjones.com/

Roof / Gutters / Siding

South O Roofing

Tim Reeder uses South O Roofing regularly. They are amazing at everything they do. Also, they are incredible at helping with insurance claims pertaining to hail. They truly are incredible.

Phone: 402-612-0791
Email: southoroofing@outlook.com
Website: https://southoroofing.com/

Royalty Roofing

Royalty Roofing is a fantastic company, easy to work with and generally great.

Phone: 1-800-303-8392
Email: katie.higgins@royaltyroofing.org
Website: https://royaltyroofing.com/

Midlands Home Solutions

Phone: 402.597.8788
Email: james@midlandsleafguard.com
Website: https://www.midlandshomesolutions.com/

Structural Engineer

Dennis Young

"Dennis is always professional and thorough in his inspections and recommendations. He is very prompt and easy to work with."

Phone: 402.983.1154
Email: youngengr16@gmail.com


Aksarben Window Works

Phone: 402.880.3580
Email: david@aksarbenwindowworks.com
Website: https://www.aksarbenwindowworks.com/

All Brite Glass

Phone: 402.292.6020

Chicago Lumber Company

Phone: 402.342.0840
Email: info@clc-omaha.com
Website: https://www.clc-omaha.com/

Painted Light Stained Glass

"Painted Light Glass has repaired my leaded glass windows and she perfectly reproduced a missing window to match the other leaded glass windows in the room." -Annika

Phone: 402.708.9696
Email: valerie@paintedlightglass.com
Website: https://paintedlightglass.com

Excel Windows

Phone: 402.215.3838
Website: https://www.excelwindowsolutions.com/

Full Armor Windows and Doors

Phone: 402.973.2923
Website: https://www.fullarmorwindowsanddoors.com/

Greg Armour / Screen Repair

Phone: 402-926-8504
Email: gregarmour@yahoo.com

Jensen Enterprises

Phone: 402.557.6054
Website: https://jensenenterprisesroofing.com/

Jerry Mitchell - Window Washing

Jerry is an awesome Window Washer. I have used him for many years. - Tim

Phone: 402.679.7896

Spencer Works

"DON’T REPLACE YOUR ORIGINAL WINDOWS!!! Not only does it do irreparable harm to your home and get you on the constant window replacement cycle, it isn’t at all necessary. Instead install great quality storm windows that are designed to be appropriate to your vintage home. We’re very lucky to have someone who crafts just those windows. I kept the surviving original storms in my home and replaced the failing newer storms with wood framed storms from Spencer Works. My heating bill plummeted and my home looks just like old."

Phone: 402.499.7848
Website: https://spencerworks.com

The Window Doctor

Phone: 402.672.2208
Email: dmorin7@gmail.com