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The Cornish Mansion: The Restoration Team

Introducing the restoration experts in the preservation of the historic Omaha landmark, the Cornish Mansion.

With every great project, an even better team is behind the scenes. We have the pleasure of introducing the legendary team of professionals in the restoration of the Cornish Mansion. As many Omahans know, this historic landmark fell victim to a horrific fire at the beginning of 2021 in which the fire tore through all three floors desain interior. The owner, Gina Basile is beyond grateful to be working with such incredible professionals who truly value the preservation of a property with so much history and significance to the Omaha community. We humbly introduce you to the restoration team.


Architect – Mark Sanford | The Sanford Group 

Architecture of this era is not easy to replicate and restore. It takes a true expert in Second Empire architectural style to help in a restoration to this degree. Mark’s role is to interface with City Planning/Permits and Inspections as he produces plans for the restoration, applies for permits, and keeps everyone true to the historical integrity and preservation of the structure.


Attorney – Robert Sherrets | Sherrets, Bruno, Vogt

Bob’s role is to keep in close contact the Omaha City Code Inspection Division while the team restores the mansion to ensure all aspects of the restoration are fully met. 


Engineer- Tom Jizba | Atlas Engineering

With damage to all three floors, it was necessary to include a structural engineer. Atlas Engineering specializes in designing replacement systems and repairs after a building incurs damages. Tom’s role is to document the structural integrity of the building after the fire and to outline the needed repairs. His participation is essential to ensuring all aspects of the damage are fixed and restored so the Cornish Mansion can be utilized as a dwelling to tenants once more.  


Insurance Agents – Greg Vandervorst and Elizabeth Hovorak | Enlighten Insurance Agency

The Enlighten Insurance Agency is on board to help write a policy that covers the mansion in case of an unfortunate occurrence such as this and acts on the owner’s behalf with the insurance company.


Insurance Adjusters – Raquel Trevino and Douglas Partridge | Nautilus Insurance Company

Without the Nautilus Insurance Company, the restoration would not have the means to repair and restore the Cornish Mansion. In addition, Raquel and Douglas helped the owner locate reputable vendors in the area to help with the project.


Old Home Experts & Public Relations – Tim Reeder, Annika Phillips, Hannah Juracek | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | The Good Life Group | Old Omaha Vintage Real Estate Team

With a keen eye and appreciation for iconic dwellings, this team of old home experts, realtors, and a publicist are telling the story of the Cornish Mansion and its rescue. The Old Omaha team helps people buy, sell, admire, and preserve historic homes and neighborhoods. 


Restoration Project Managers – Jim Kealy and Scott Cooper | Carlson Restoration

This dynamic duo act as the general contractor and do everything from smoke remediation and cleaning. Additionally, they contract out the roof replacement, electrical, and plumbing.


Stay tuned! Restoration progress photos to come.

By Tim Reeder


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