Restoring the Cornish Mansion - Old Omaha

Restoring the Cornish Mansion

135-year-old home is rescued after a significant fire.

It’s rare that a home still stands after 135 years. Rarer still that it happens in Omaha. Nearly unheard of that a 135-year-old home is rescued after a significant fire. Just like its builder, Colonel Joel Cornish who survived the civil war, outlived his siblings and his wife, the Cornish Mansion is a survivor.

When we got news of the fire at the Cornish Mansion, lovers of Omaha’s history and architecture were distraught. Another historic building lost is an all too familiar grief. Thanks to the home’s owner, Gina Basile, this story will be about a triumphant preservation success. Not only will the Cornish Mansion still stand, but the historic fiber of the home will be restored.

Check back for updates on the work and photos of the progress. Below are some photos of where the work begins.

Photo credit: Weisbach Real Estate Photography (

By Tim Reeder


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