Fall Off the Beaten Path - Old Omaha

Fall Off the Beaten Path

Fall is officially here, whether the temperature outside agrees or not! We’re here for all that autumn has to offer. During this season, we often find ourselves looking for anything to do outside. As everyone rushes to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch and other pumpkin related places, we thought we would remind you of some of the historic places you can visit in and around Omaha.

The Cornerstone Mansion

The Cornerstone Mansion

  1. Take a “haunted” driving tour with the help of some story tracking by the Haunted Rooms America blog’s feature of “Omaha’s Most Haunted Places.” Some say that these places have given them the goosebumps, provided extraordinary experiences, or just felt oddly cold. Drive by and snap a photo with them and let us know about your experiences (#OldOmahaTours). Maybe you too will see an unexplainable host about the grounds!
    • The Cornerstone Mansion140 N 39th St, Omaha, NE 68131 – Tim Reeder sold this home to new owners this past year. Take a look inside! It’s gorgeous and despite the tales of haunted experiences, it felt quite charming! Maybe it was the church who owned it previously that rid the home of the spirits. Go see it and stop by the Joslyn Castle for a tour next door.
    • Central High School124 N 20th St, Omaha, NE 68102 – It is rumored that one of the deans of students and a custodian have made appearances over the years or some odd noises. Students have reported cold spots in certain locations of the historic building as well as hearing a custodian’s bucket being pushed across the old wood floors. Do you know anyone that had a similar experience?
    • Hummel Park12447 N 36th Street, Omaha, NE 68112 – Sounds like a humbling place to spend an afternoon? The short answer is Maybe! People have reported many scary ritual sightings and theories about the place, but on a lighter note, it is said that the concrete staircase never has the same number of steps going down as it does going up? Try it out and let us know what your number was!
  2. Visit The Durham Museum – We are very excited about one of the current exhibitions! Drum roll please… It is the “Omaha Uncovered: Revealing History Through Art and Story” exhibit, focusing on uncovering the history of our city – some of the photos are incredible! You cannot miss this one. Don’t forget to stop at the soda fountain for a malt too.

    Cunningham Lake

    Cunningham Lake

  3. Explore some of Omaha’s best parks full of trees transitioning to their beautiful fall colors.
    • Memorial Park5700 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68132 – Not only is this one close to our Dundee office, but it provides the perfect place for a long stroll through wooded areas, a play space for kids, many optimal spots to picnic, a memorial to pay your respects in peace, and some of the best sights in Omaha.
    • Cunningham Lake8660 Lake Cunningham Rd, Omaha, NE – This lake offers hiking, a marina, horse trails, camping, and just wide open spaces. The lake views are gorgeous as you trek through the winding paths to see fall unfold before your eyes.

Let us know which places you went off the beaten path this fall! Tag @OldOmaha so we can see where your #OldOmahaTours took you.


By Tim Reeder


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