5333 Raven Oaks Drive - Old Omaha

5333 Raven Oaks Drive - SOLD by Kelli Mickeliunas and Tim Reeder for $437,800 on 05/11/22

Omaha, NE 68152

3 beds/3 baths/2 car garage


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Listing AgentTim Reeder

Built in 1977

Tim Reeder, M: 402-612-3833, tim.reeder@betteromaha.com, https://www.betteromaha.com - Imagine enjoying The Afternoon relaxing on your deck overlooking the sea of trees and wildlife, while this stunning mid-century masterpiece is towering over your shoulder. One of Raven Oaks founding homes, this award winning, 1 owner estate was designed by renowned local architect John Slack. The architecture is simply magical as the home was created to devour every drop of sunlight and use each window to frame and display the living art outside. Boasting bold cantilevered rooms, an incredible plexiglas tunnel to the garage and a mezzanine bedroom level that is an angular delight pouring into the spaces below. Each bedroom is appointed with their own balcony and skylights illuminate the center of the home. Cedar was used extensively inside and out to provide visual unity and warmth. This home has been deeply loved and cared for but is now ready for a new steward to cherish and experience her.

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