1011 North 33rd Street - Old Omaha

1011 North 33rd Street

Omaha, NE 68131

Gothic Revival

3 beds/2 baths


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Listing AgentTim Reeder

Gothic Revival built in 1894

Once your foot hits the floor you will know you've entered a part of Omaha history. The infamous 1913 Easter Sunday tornado huffed and puffed but couldn't blow this amazing home down. One of the surviving homes after the disaster, this strong Gothic Revival beauty served as relief station #4 to the ailing community while waiting for some relief itself. After the dust had settled the beaten home was picked up, straightened out and moved a block or so north to live a fresh life with a new address and foundation. Left with the scars of the tornado, the home has outlived many of its neighbors and was recently remodeled from top to bottom. The home has a fully finished basement, fresh paint, carpet, kitchen, baths, back deck, siding, and much, much more. This beautiful old home is historic, yet modern and turn-key, affordable home, in an awesome neighborhood.

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