Update on 3100 Chicago - Old Omaha

Update on 3100 Chicago

I recently wrote about 3100 Chicago’s past and present here. I reached out to the McCarville family with a link and received additional information from Robert Taylor Day, Jr., Ms. McCarville’s great nephew.  He fondly recalled time spent at 3100 Chicago in the attic and on the fire escape (because those are naturally the best parts of a house for a little kid, my 7-year-old son confirms). Here is a photo from 1948, and you can see the original brick and stone behind, before it was covered at some later time, even though the photo is a little small.

We love interacting with history through you all! Don’t hesitate to reach out with your own old home story. Phase II of our site hopes to aggregate these memories by address for easy access to these rich traditions.  Stay tuned!

By Erin Fox

Erin once dreamed of being a champion barrel racer and FBI agent, but a series of unfortunate events, poor eyesight, and an astounding lack of coordination precluded that path. Luckily for her, she loves real estate even more, and, apart from opening doors, navigating stairs, climbing into attics and on roofs, and catching escaping cats, it requires hardly any physical coordination.


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